Our Current Courses

Disciple Making as a Missional Adventure

Learn five foundational principles for disciple-making in today’s context. with a bonus gift discovered upon successful completion (Hint: It’s a $150 value!)

5 modules.

Missional Blueprint – 7 Key Questions to Live on Purpose

Your virtual mentor will walk with you as you answer 7 key questions to identifying, claiming, and communicating the purpose of your local church.

7 modules

Pathways of HOPE

A six-part course on building a discipleship pathway in your local congregation. You’ll learn about the four aspects of discipleship pathways, the biblical foundation for each aspect, and how making disciples of Jesus Christ is central to fulfill our mission. Successful completion of the course will help you lead your congregation in developing a discipleship pathway.

6 modules

Paired Up

Contextual relationships are essential for disciple-making. The weekly guide partners with daily scripture reading to help you grow as a disciple of Jesus. You’ll practice essential skills for building disciple-making relationships. Choose “one” part or the “all-access pass.” These weekly conversation guides are intended for two people. Subscription for small groups and local congregations are available.

Number of modules vary (6-38).


Transforming Mission exists to resource you to courageously lead a movement of Jesus followers. The mission that drives us comes from Matthew 28:16-20 and our Wesleyan roots: to make disciples of Jesus Christ and transform the world.