Welcome to the Collective! Each month you have three opportunities to grow as a leader.

  • First, every month we'll offer a leadership lesson or series of lessons.
    • The focus of the lessons will be three-fold:
      • Helping you claim and develop your strengths as a leader
      • Growing in your capacity to be a brave leader and create a courageous culture.
      • Other resources at your request
  • Second, is the Q & A and Group Coaching.
    • This is the monthly requirement for participation in the Leadership Collective. It is where you will connect with your colleagues, have your questions answered, and participate in group coaching. While there are exceptions to everyone's schedule, your participation is expected. It should be the exception that you're not with the group for 1 hour each month.
    • The first Q & A and Group Coaching is scheduled for August 15 from 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. We will have a make-up session later in the month.
    • The remainder of the sessions will be 60 minutes. The call will be recorded.
  • Third, you can sign up for a 30-minute individual coaching call.

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The second part of the course Disciple Making as a Missional Adventure where students will practice applying the principles learned in the course.

A step by step guide to identify your process for disciple-making. First, you'll assess your personal journey. Then, you'll explore how your local church can develop an intentional process for disciple-making.

Five principles you must know for disciple-making in today's post-Christian context. Learn the principles. Then, act on the steps provided to lead others in disciple-making.

Unpack the five key aspects of mission to set the stage for living as disciples every day.