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Disciple-Making as a Missional Adventure

adventure transforming mission

Five essential principles for developing followers of Jesus today.

Course Overview

Learn FIVE essential principles for disciple-making in today’s context. Action steps and practical help for leaders are included for each principle.

Who should register for this course?
  • Leaders who want to guide a movement of Jesus followers.
  • Leaders who struggle to help people live as followers of Jesus who share their faith with others.
  • People who want to multiply a disciple-making movement, to reproduce disciples, raise up kingdom leaders, or address a growing awareness that we no longer live in Christendom.
Pathways of HOPE logo

Your virtual mentor to clarify, claim, and communicate a four-part disciple-making pathway.

Course Overview

What are the four key elements in developing a disciple-making pathway for your congregation? Not sure? Unsure how to lead the congregation to focus on disciple-making? Begin with an introduction to disciple-making pathway found through Pathways of Hope.

Who should register for this course?
  • Leaders (laity and clergy) who have been busy creating and attending programs.
  • Leaders seeking to focus local church efforts on our missional mandate to make disciples.
  • People seeking to have a framework to build a disciple-making process in your local context.

Paired-Up: A Disciple-Making Experiment

transformingmission paired up

Six guides for weekly disciple-making discussions between two people and daily formation.

Part 1- Who are my neighbors? Explore why reaching our and receiving new people is essential to disciple-making.

Part 2- What’s your story? Experience the power of story – your story- in sharing your faith with others.

Part 3 – Where are we going? Invest in growing your relationship with Christ, the church, and the community.

Part 4 – How will you serve? Claim the power of serving from your strengths.

transforming mission blueprint

Your guide to answer 7 Missional Questions.