A step by step guide to identify your process for disciple-making. First, you'll assess your personal journey. Then, you'll explore how your local church can develop an intentional process for disciple-making.

Module 1Introduction & Welcome
Lesson 1Welcome to Pathways of HOPE
Lesson 2What You'll Need
Lesson 3Discipleship Reminders
Module 2Why Discipleship?
Lesson 1Start with Why
Lesson 2Why HOPE?
Lesson 3What is a Discipleship Pathway?
Lesson 4Disciple, defined
Module 3Hospitality
Lesson 1Explore Welcoming Others
Lesson 2Practice Welcoming Others
Lesson 3Self quiz on Welcoming
Module 4Offer Christ
Lesson 1Offer Christ
Lesson 2Explore "Include in Body of Christ"
Lesson 3Practice "Include in Body of Christ"
Lesson 4Self Quiz for "Include in the Body of Christ"
Module 5Practices
Lesson 1Practices
Lesson 2Practices Self Assessment
Module 6Engagement
Lesson 1E-Engagement
Lesson 2Engagement Personal Assessment