Disciple Making as a Missional Adventure: 3 Core Practices Every Disciple Must Take

Five principles you must know for disciple-making in today's post-Christian context. Learn the principles. Then, act on the steps provided to lead others in disciple-making.

Module 1Getting Started
Lesson 1Welcome!
Lesson 2Purpose, Practices, and Presence
Lesson 3Holiness in Heart & Life
Module 2Purpose
Lesson 1It's All Greek to Me!
Lesson 2missio Dei
Lesson 3History of missio Dei
Lesson 4Wesleyan Perspective on missio Dei
Lesson 5Mission or Missions?
Lesson 6Reflection & Application
Lesson 7Summary
Module 3Practices
Lesson 1Faithfulness, Defined
Lesson 2Scripture & Practice
Lesson 3Practice Reading Scripture
Lesson 4Practice Two Questions
Lesson 5Kingdom Practices
Lesson 6Reflection & Application
Lesson 7Summary
Module 4Presence
Lesson 1Scriptural Foundations
Lesson 2Missional Imagination-Part 1
Lesson 3Missional Imagination - Part 2
Lesson 4Seeing God
Lesson 5Asking Questions
Lesson 6All Things New
Lesson 7Reflection & Application
Lesson 8Summary
Module 5Presence in Our Contexts
Lesson 1Introducing the Building Blocks
Lesson 2Jesus in Context
Lesson 3Being Awake
Lesson 4You are a Missionary
Lesson 5Map Your Mission Field
Lesson 6Practice Contextualization
Lesson 7The Place Between
Lesson 8Reflection & Application
Lesson 9Summary
Module 6Presence: Our Relationships
Lesson 1Three-Fold Relationships
Lesson 2Upward Relationship
Lesson 3Inward Relationships
Lesson 4Outward Relationships
Lesson 5Up, In, and Out
Lesson 6The Relational Practice of Hospitality
Lesson 7Reflection & Application
Lesson 8Summary
Module 7Presence: Service with Others
Lesson 1Sent People: Scriptural Foundation
Lesson 2Commission is Sending
Lesson 3Service as Calling
Lesson 4Identifying Places to Serve
Lesson 5Reflection & Application
Lesson 6Summary
Module 8Go! Embrace the Adventure
Lesson 1Outside Your Door
Lesson 2Reflection & Application
Lesson 3Your Turn
Lesson 4Summary